Please book an appointment to browse our unique and diverse selection of frames. We are open during regular business hours.


Note: Existing customers are welcome to bring in their glasses for repairs and adjustments anytime.

Our staff will customise all your eyeglass needs.

Let us find the frame for you!

Come in and let our professionally trained staff find the perfect frame for you. With over 500 diverse styles to choose from featuring frames from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and The Netherlands just to name a few.

Our frames are selected for their quality, elegance, and unique style. We are happy to provide a two-year manufacturer warranty from a defect with normal use.

Thoughts to consider when selecting a frame:

  1. Your Prescription
  2. The Lens Design
  3. How Often You Wear Them
  4. Your Facial Features
  5. Your Style Preference

*  Multiple sizes and color options are available from most of the top brands in our dispensary. Our staff is happy to help explore the possibilities to express your unique style.

Our Optical Lab specializes in making Glasses quickly!

Our In-House Optical Lab technicians have many years of experience in cutting and edging lenses.
If your lenses or frames need to be ordered, your glasses generally will take 3 to 7 days to come in.

  1. Prescriptions in stock can be made for your glasses within an hour.
  2. Occasionally more complex designs require the lenses to be edged at an outside lab, which may take 7 to 10 days.

Lens Design

Multiple designs of task-specific lenses are available to maximize visual comfort and ease. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to help determine which lens design is right for your specific needs.

Selecting the appropriate lens requires knowing:

  1. What activities they will be used for
  2. The prescription strength
  3. Shape and size of the frame can help give optimal performance

Don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff for assistance.

Single vision is prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision, either for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision).

Instead of having just two or three lens powers like bifocals or trifocals, progressive lenses are true ‘multifocal’ lenses that provide a seamless progression of many lens powers for all viewing distances. With progressive lenses, you can look up to see clearly across the room and in the distance.

Are eyeglass lenses that are clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight.

Protect your eyes from the sun!

Our dispensary offers a wide variety of sunglasses that will not only look stylish but will protect your eyes from sun damage. (Ultra-Violet and Blue Wave lengths)

Come and explore our designer sunglasses such as Guess, Ray ban, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Serengeti, and Dolce & Gabanna to name a few. Come and see what we can find for you.

We offer:

  1. Prescription and Plano Sunglasses
  2. Clip-Ons
  3. Sunglasses that fit over your glasses

Our Sunglasses come in a variety of tints, almost anything is possible. Create your own unique design.

Workplace safety Lenses and Frames

When safety lenses and frames are required to ensure the protection of your eyes, let us show you some of the latest styles available.

Different styles are available to provide:

  1. Clarity
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety