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Proclear MF Toric

Proclear multifocal toric lets today’s growing number of astigmatic presbyopes enjoy great vision at every distance. Easy to fit Balanced Progressive Technology combines spherical and aspheric optics and unique zone sizes to produce a “D” lens for the dominant eye and an “N” lens for the non-dominant eye. These two lens designs work together to provide a new level of vision quality.

*Prices are per eye.

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1 Year Supply - Two 6 Packs
6 Months Supply - One 6 Pack
B&L Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution - Pack of 2
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As with all CooperVision PC Hydrogel lenses, our unique PC Technology creates a unique lens material that attracts and maintains water, keeping the lenses moist and comfortable all day long.

The world’s first monthly multifocal toric.

  • Provides your practice a value-added, one-of-a-kind lens fitting
  • Balanced Progressive™ Technology maximizes binocular visual acuity at all distances – near, intermediate and far
  • Cast Molded Back Surface Toric with inverse prism ballast at 3 and 9 o’clock
  • Keeps lenses moist and comfortable, even at the end of the day


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