Optos Retinal Exam

At Thunder Bay Eye Care Centre, we emphasize the importance of annual eye exams for maintaining both your vision and overall health. A key component of our thorough eye examinations is the Optos Retinal Exam. This advanced exam produces a unique image of your retina, offering a comprehensive view that is critical for assessing your eye health. The retina, functioning like the film in a camera, captures images and is essential for vision.

Benefits of the Optos Retinal Exam

  • Detailed Retinal Imaging
  • Ultra-Widefield Imaging
  • Non-Dilative Option
  • High-Resolution Detail
  • Historical Comparison
  • Useful for All Ages

A New Dimension in Eye Care

The Optos Retinal Exam at Thunder Bay Eye Care is an integral part of our commitment to offering the most advanced and comprehensive eye care. It's a fast, easy, and comfortable procedure that plays a vital role in maintaining your eye health and detecting potential problems early.