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Eyeglass dispensary & Lab technician

Regina, our skilled Eyeglass Dispensary and Lab Technician at Thunder Bay Eye Care, brings a wealth of experience with over 22 years in the field. Her expertise is in keeping our eyeglass frame selection up-to-date and stylish, working diligently in the optical lab, and handling our internal office IT needs.

She excels in helping patients find the perfect combination of frames and lenses, ensuring both comfort and optimal vision. Regina understands that selecting the right eyewear is a blend of art and science – it's about creating a look that enhances each patient's appearance while providing the best visual experience.

Her dedication to her craft and her ability to support various aspects of our practice, from eyewear to technology, make Regina an invaluable member of our team. She takes pride in using her extensive knowledge to assist patients in looking and seeing their best, contributing significantly to the positive experience at Thunder Bay Eye Care.