Auto Refraction & Auto Keratometry

Thunder Bay Eye Care is proud to offer Auto Refraction and Auto Keratometry, advanced diagnostic services that play a crucial role in determining the refractive error of the eyes and assessing corneal health. These technologies allow for accurate measurements of how light is reflected in the eye, providing essential data for precise vision correction and eye health evaluation.

Key Features

Advanced Technologies for Optimal Eye Health

  • Accurate Refractive Error Measurement
  • Detailed Corneal Mapping
  • Efficient and Non-Invasive
  • Foundation for Prescription Accuracy
  • Essential for Eye Health Monitoring

Enhancing Vision Care with Accuracy

At Thunder Bay Eye Care, integrating Auto Refraction and Auto Keratometry into our routine eye examinations represents our commitment to providing the most accurate and comprehensive eye care possible. These technologies are fundamental in ensuring that each prescription is tailored to the individual needs of our patients, enhancing their vision and overall eye health. Our dedication to incorporating these advanced diagnostic tools demonstrates our ongoing effort to remain at the forefront of modern optometry.