Precision in Measuring Corneal Thickness

At Thunder Bay Eye Care, we employ Pachymetry, an essential procedure for measuring the thickness of the cornea – the clear, front surface of the eye. Understanding the thickness of the cornea, which averages around 550 microns, is crucial for assessing eye health and potential risks.

Precision in Corneal Assessment

State-of-the-Art Thickness Measurement

  • Glaucoma Risk Assessment
  • Laser Surgery Candidacy
  • Corneal Health Monitoring
  • Dual Measurement Techniques
  • Quick and Comfortable
  • Accurate Diagnostics

Commitment to Comprehensive Eye Care

Through the use of Pachymetry, Thunder Bay Eye Care underscores its dedication to comprehensive eye health management. This service not only aids in preventive care but also enhances the precision of our diagnostic and treatment approaches. By integrating such advanced technologies into our practice, we remain committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of eye care, ensuring their vision remains clear and healthy.