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Office Manager, Contact lens fitter, Eyeglass dispensary & Lab technician

Monique, our Office Manager with over 29 years in the field of optometry, is a vital member of the Thunder Bay Eye Care team. Her expertise extends beyond office management into several key areas of our practice. Monique is not only adept at fitting contact lenses but also excels as an Eyeglass Dispensary and Lab Technician.

Her diverse skills ensure that our office operations are seamless and that patients receive the best in eye care. Whether it's finding the perfect contact lenses for comfort and vision or managing the dispensary and lab, Monique handles it all with ease and professionalism.

Since the early days of Thunder Bay Eye Care in 2004, Monique has been an integral part of our growth. Her ability to wear multiple hats and keep up with the latest advancements in eye care makes her indispensable. She is the go-to person for both our team and patients, known for her expertise and commitment to providing excellent service.

In every aspect of her work, Monique's dedication shines through. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that Thunder Bay Eye Care continues to be a trusted and efficient provider of eye care services in our community.