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Proclear 1 day MF

Choose Proclear 1 day multifocal and experience success with the growing number of presbyopic patients who are interested in a 1-day lens. With Proclear 1 day multifocal, you will find everything you need in a daily disposable contact lens. Upgrade to a lens you wear one day and enjoy all day.

*Prices are per eye.

Image Product Price Quantity Buy
1 Year Supply - Four 90 Packs
6 Months Supply - Two 90 Packs
3 Months Supply - One 90 Pack
B&L Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution - Pack of 2
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Excellent vision at any distance

  • Center-near aspheric design
  • Designed with a single power profile
    • Preserves distance vision and limits visual compromise
  • Near boost in the non-dominant eye
    • Optimizes near and intermediate vision and maintains binocularity
    • Accommodates patients up to +2.50 ADD
  • Incorporates PC Technology—ideal for presbyopic patients experiencing age-related dryness


  • Easy lens selection
  • Broad, efficient parameter range
  • Easy adaptation for lens wearers through different stages of presbyopia


  • Ideal for part-time, situational, or everyday wear


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